Structured light scanning is a versatile method for 3D shape acquisition

Low-cost sensors such as Microsoft Kinect and time of flight cameras have made the 3D sensor ubiquitous and have resulted in a vast amount of new applications and methods. However, such low-cost sensors are generally limited in their accuracy and precision, making them unsuitable for e.g. accurate tracking and pose estimation.

With recent improvements in projector technology, increased processing power, and methodology, it is possible to perform faster and more reliable structured light scans. This offers new opportunities for studying dynamic scenes, quality control, human-computer interaction and more.

We discusses several aspects of structured light systems and present contributions within calibration, scene coding, and motion correction aspects.

Project 1

About the project

We investigate the process of optical surface scanning to see if the statistical quality can reach a level high enough for such a scanner to be used as a full grade metrological device.


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Janus Nørtoft Jensen
[Ph.D. Student]
Technical University of Denmark
Florian Gawrilowicz
[Ph.D. Student]
Technical University of Denmark
Søren Schou Gregersen
[Assistant Professor]
Technical University of Denmark
Jakob Wilm
[Assistant Professor]
University of Southern Denmark